Automated Contextual Affiliate Links – For Free

Automated Contextual Affiliate Links – For Free

Automated Contextual Affiliate Links – For Free

Its no key that theres lots of money to be produced with contextual marketing, Google AdSense is obvious testimony compared to that.

Well, I believe I’ve just found another big part of contextual advertising…

This little known program is a dynamic linking tool that generates affiliate links within this content on your own site, on the fly, since it loads up in the users browser. Any keyword or keyphrase in virtually any website you publish could be instantly changed into your affiliate links.

You may use Clickbank links, Amazon links, or literally any other affiliate program you decide to promote.

That is pretty cool because you may use them as well as AdSense which means that your site makes a lot more $$$. Usually Google never let you to combine other contextual ad applications in with adsense, however the head guys at Google stated its fine to combine AdSense and this on a single site. 🙂

Whats more, is the program can end up being instantly put into any website, blog, discussion board, or any other site, whether or not it is html, php, asp, ANYTHING! Whatever you do is definitely add the javascript you’ll get into your website and relax.

Not just that, if your concerned about se’s penalizing you for having way too many outbound links, worry forget about, as the code is javascript, the various search engines don’t see them, which means that your search engine rank remains in tact.

Oh, and need to hear the ultimate kicker? Its completely 100% Free of charge! (well, for the present time at least)

I really like this and cant claim enough about it, We suggest you take a look out now prior to the developers get smart and begin charging $37 per month for this like their competition are doing.

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